Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Confession #5: I'm jealous...

I find that I get jealous of other designers' work when it's something that I wish that I made. I get really moved by a great piece or even a designer's unique style. I find looking at the work of other designers inspires me to try new things, new techniques, new color combinations and new materials. I like being challenged this way. So if I may offer a tip to aspiring designers out there it would be this, check out the work of other designers, it will inspire you, give you ideas and show what good finished product looks like. There are some really creative people out there, not to mention ones that have rare talents.

Today's blog is dedicated to 5 of my favorite jewelry designers work:

1. Sally Jean at
What style this lady has! She makes the most unique yet simple pendants. She works with glass, makes tiny collages, and uses copper foil tape and a soldering iron to achieve a vintage look. Please check her out and really look around her site. It's whimsical work and she has a sense of humor.

2. J-me by Jaime at
I have been following her jewelry for years. This gal's work inspires me often. She works in much the same materials as I do, natural stones, pearls and silver. She makes bracelets (I tend not to) and she's very creative with color. Her pricing is very good and I recommend checking out her gallery of sold items just for fun.

3. Dorana Desgin at Etsy. This gal does some neat work. She makes flowers out of beads, I know it sounds less than amazing, but the look she achieves is really stylish. It's playful and fun. I like her work and she has many excellent photos of each piece.

4. Blend Creations at This is a new one for me, but once I saw this work I was immediately intrigued. These metal pendants all have a similar thematic style, but are still very unique. The could be worn with jeans and a tee on a simple silver chain or with anything you would wear to a corporate office. I have no idea how they are made, but I wish I did.

5. Shy Siren at Another new favorite of mine. Really classy vintage look. All pieces are hand made and they have a truly unique and beautiful look. I also love the way they did the website. Both the website and the jewelry are designed by two women, former architects and very talented! I highly recommend and am very jealous of these two ladies' work.

Please check out any or all of these designers' work, you will be inspired.

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