Thursday, March 12, 2009

Confession #2, My name is Molly and I am a jewelry adict.

I have found that some jewelry designers make really elaborate work. And some of it is gorgeous. And some of it is overwhelming. I know that these pieces can fetch a large sum of money and will complete just the right outfit, however I also know that the outfit they tend to complete is something usually worn to a gala or awards show. My clientele tend to be real people who rarely attend galas or award shows. I am also one of the gala deprived and so I make what I like to wear. I could be making a piece to go with a tee shirt and jeans or a nice dress for an office Christmas party. Even though they are more simple they are still elegant and I remember almost every one of them like they were my children. I even keep some of them for myself!

I love making necklaces, once I finish one, I'm on to the next. If I am going to be making jewelry at that volume I need to make the most marketable pieces I can so that I can pay for, well, more beads. I have sold to my mom for years, to my in laws (mother, sisters and niece), friends, and strangers. I have sold through stores since the first pieces that I made 18 years ago in cities like Eugene Oregon, San Francisco California, Newport Oregon, Los Angeles California, Ashland Oregon and even some in Idaho. I guess my point is that I like to make many inexpensive pieces for many people because it's what I want and enjoy. I've spent years perfecting my style and choosing the things that make them a Creations by Molly design. This is my dream job and I will keep doing it until my creative well runs dry.

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