Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Confession #8: I'm in it for the money

I know what I said before about not being in it for the money. This is my career, of course I'm in it for the money. That's not the only reason I do this, but to make a living with what brings you joy you have to also be in it to make money! To all aspiring jewelry designers I offer this advice, make things that you know will sell. Or at the very least know your market. I sell mostly to people like me, my friends and my family because that's the tastes I know. I make things that remind me of people in my life, not because I intend to give them to that person, although that has happened, but because they are what my clientele are like.

It's okay to want to make money from making art. Jewelry making is a business and it isn't just about what is pretty.

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